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Vanish Skin Clinic, located in Brandon, Manitoba provides professional skin care and aesthetic treatments to our patients.

Our mission is to enhance the health, wellness and natural beauty of every client by delivering result driven care through state of the art equipment and highly trained staff.
Our vision is to be West Manitoba’s premier skin clinic. At Vanish, our top priority is client satisfaction. By providing our clients with exceptional services and top quality, personalized care, we hope to earn their loyalty and achieve our vision.
Our core value is client loyalty. Without it we are nothing. We hold our client relationships in the highest regard and work to ensure that their loyalty to Vanish is unbreakable. Our actions and behaviours reflect the respect we have for our clients, our teammates and the community we live and work in.
Thank you for visiting us online and we look forward to assisting you with your skin care and aesthetic needs in person.


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Forever Bare Skin Treatment

Forever Bare

The most comfortable hair removal system.

Forever Young BBL Logo

Forever Young

Reverse the appearance of
aging skin.

Forever Clear BBL Logo

Forever Clear

Get rid of acne with the speed
of light!

Skin Tyte Logo

Skin Tyte

Love the skin that you are in -
Tighten loose and aging skin.

The Salt Facial Skin Renewal

The SaltFacial

Say “goodbye” to unwanted skin conditions and “hello” to Soft, Supple, More Beautiful Skin… Naturally!

Eyelash Extensions

Lash Extensions

Enhance your natural beauty with semi-permanent eyelash extensions.

Eye and Brow Tinting

Lash & Brow Tinting

Give your lashes and brows a bold and defined look.


Lamprobe Spot Treatment

Quick treatment for wide variety of minor skin irregularities.


Stay young and healthy. Keep your skin smooth and beautiful.

Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion Facial

Have a healthier skin with a natural way. Visible results after the first treatment.

The most comfortable treatment available.

In addition to the motion BBL technology, the thermoelectrically cooled sapphire plate on the Forever Bare BBL handpiece provides continuous cooling, even at maximum power, to keep the skin cool and comfortable before, during and after treatment.

A quick and painless procedure.

A large 15 x 45 mm spot size with the highest power and repetition rate of any light device on the market allows for extremely fast treatment times.

The safest hair removal system on the market.

By providing energy in multiple bursts instead of all at once, Forever Bare BBL keeps the skin protected and progressively raises the follicle temperature to the therapeutic level for hair removal.


Upper Lip/Chin



1/2 Arm


1/2 Leg

Full Arm


Full Leg


Correct age spots, redness and more for healthier looking skin.

BBL is the perfect treatment option for patients concerned about pigmentation issues or rosacea. BBL can be used to reduce unwanted melanin and eliminate the fine vessels that cause redness. Your skin will look smoother, healthier, vibrant and more even— in fewer treatments than other IPL systems.

Proven to keep skin looking 10 years younger!

Forever Young BBL™ is clinically proven not only to correct sun damage, but also to prevent the signs of aging skin. This noninvasive treatment delivers BroadBand Light to the epidermis and dermis, stimulating changes in skin tone, texture, elasticity and pigmentation — with visible, long-lasting improvement after just one treatment.

Beat the aging process — Keep young skin looking young.

Forever Young BBL is not just an aesthetic treatment for existing skin damage. It can also be a preventive regimen — what we call “Prejuvenation™” — for keeping young skin looking young.





Face, Neck, and Chest


Face and Neck

Forever Clear BBL uses a unique three-step process...

Step 1

Skin is first treated with blue BBL light to eliminate acne-causing bacteria at its source, deep down in the pores.

Step 2

Skin is then treated with yellow BBL light to reduce the inflammation and acne-associated redness to give you healthy, luminous skin.

Step 3

For added benefit, the skin is then treated with SkinTyte II™ using infrared light in rapid, gentle pulses to initiate the body’s natural healing process.




Lesion Specific

Get more youthful looking skin.

As we age, skin loses its youthful firmness and natural elasticity, especially around the jawline and neck. While no one escapes the forces of aging and gravity, SkinTyte™ can fight against them.

Tighten aging skin with SkinTyte.

The SkinTyte treatment uses a series of pulsed infrared light to improve the appearance of sun damaged and aged skin, as well as decrease patches of facial and neck redness and flushing.

Proven to be safe for all skin types.

SkinTyte treatments are safe for all skin types and can be performed on any area of the body. Popular areas include the face, neck, abdomen and arms.







Face and Neck

The SaltFacial can be used for...

Uneven skin tone
Fine lines
Sun damage
Stretch marks
Age spots
Enlarged pores
Skin lightening
Collagen stimulation
Post-surgery healing

What it does...

Macro Salt Exfoliation



The SaltFacial exfoliation procedure with natural sea salt creates smoother, tighter, and healthier looking skin, while preparing it at the cellular level for the acceptance of topical formulations
macro Fusion



Designed specifically for aesthetic/medical procedures, The SaltFacial ultrasound technology safely delivers enriching and hydrating topical formulations deep into the skin to accelerate healing.
Macro Rejuvenation


(LED Light Therapy)

Studies show that skin cells regenerate far faster when exposed to certain LED wavelengths. With 4 distinct wavelength options, The SaltFacial LED Phototherapy can be used to treat acne, remove redness, improve the appearance of pigmented and vascular lesions and promote collagen production… Naturally!



Enhance your natural beauty with semi-permanent eyelash extensions. Each synthetic eyelash is applied with adhesive to your individual natural lashes. We use Bella Lash products because all of Bella’s signature faux mink eyelashes are handmade ensuring quality and consistency. We know that one size DOES NOT fit all. So our lash lengths and styles are customized for each client depending on eye shape, colour and client preference.

Eye Lash Extensions Effect



Full Set

2 Week Refill

3 Week Refill


Full Set

2 Week Refill

3 Week Refill


Full Set

2 Week Refill

3 Week Refill

A safe and effective semi-permanent hair-darkening tint treatment that will give you the look of makeup without the work! Let our experts give you a hint of tint to make pale or barely there brows and lashes pop! It's to dye for!

Eye Lash Tinting


Eyelash Tint

Lamprobe – Spot Treatment


Eyebrow Tint



Lash Lift and Tint


Lash & Brow Tint

Lash Lift


Lash Lift & Tint + Brows


The LAMPROBE is a unique instrument which quickly and effectively treats a wide variety of minor skin irregularities™. It uses radio, high frequency technology and is non-invasive. LAMPROBE treatments are exceptionally quick (3-5 seconds), with instantaneous results, in one treatment only. Skin conditions effectively treated by the LAMPROBE include: telangiectasia, milia, cholesterol deposits, clogged pores, cherry angiomas, spider naevi, skin tags, fibromas, pimples and acne.

Closed Eye
Skin Irregularity
Skin Irregularities
Skin Acne


1. The renowned LAMPROBE has become exceptionally popular amongst skin care practitioners – from licensed estheticians to medical aesthetic professionals – for the same universal reasons.
2. The LAMPROBE treats common minor skin conditions, on the surface of the skin, that skin care practitioners see on a daily basis.
3. The LAMPROBE treats these superficial common irregularities NON-invasively and extremely rapidly (3-5 sec), without the need of anesthesia.
4. The LAMPROBE delivers instantaneous results, in one treatment only.
5. The LAMPROBE works effectively on all Fitzpatrick skin types, across all skin tones and ethnicities.
6. The LAMPROBE is a proven, unparalleled, and recurring revenue-generator for single-practicing practitioners, as well as larger established facilities.
7. The LAMPROBE uniquely assists modern, capable, and skilled skin care practitioners to do their work more effectively and with greater professional satisfaction.
8. The LAMPROBE enables professional skin care practitioners to successfully service increasing client demands regarding minor superficial, but perhaps personally bothersome, esthetic-oriented skin conditions.

Skin Disorders
Professional Skin Care Treatments


Lamprobe- Spot Treatment


This is an anti-aging procedure that involves the manual exfoliation of the face, removing vellus hair (peach fuzz) and dead skin cells. It also helps increase cell turnover, results in fewer wrinkles and dark spots, sun damage, reduction of acne scarring, and an increase in skin care product absorption. This will also give a smooth flawless makeup application. It can be paired with any of our treatments and skin care products to maximize effects. Thereis no downtime with this treatment. Best recommended every 4-8 weeks.





Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion Facial

The Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion Facial is a facial like no other. This advanced therapy combines two patented technologies, low frequency sonophoresis and pulsed iontophoresis, to deliver essential vitamins, antioxidants, peptides and other active ingredients deep into the skin where the skin needs it.
What does this all mean? The skin will get vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain healthy, resilient and youthful looking.
Clinical studies have proven the Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion Facial an effective solution to many skin abnormalities including uneven skin tone, rough texture, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, skin sensitivity, and rosacea.
You will love this facial and get more for less. The Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion Facial equals a one month use of Environ Skin Care or equivalent to 40 regular hands on facials with no downtime!

Professional Skin Treatment With Mask
Environ Ionzyme


Ionzyme Vitamin Infusion Facial


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